MFORUM is a unique event for the Russian fitness industry, offering its participants the experience of a large number of international experts. World-class experts, the authors of the reports on a variety of topics and topical issues are invited as experts.

The most important evaluation of the event for the host of venue – the Mfitnes company – is the vivid testimonials from the participants, backed up with photoreports in social media. Participants were equially of the opinion that MFORUM promotes business interests in the fitness industry and stimulates the further development of companies.

I want to thank Mfitness for the great opportunity to get together, to replenish my store of knowledge, to share and gain experience, to communicate and exchange contacts. You really is the company that not only sells fitness equipment but also develops fitness industry in Russia in co-operation with clubs!

International business forum for fitness clubs managers and top-managers, business consultants and fitness projects owners where you will receive:

  • New knowledge and skills
  • Networking
  • Expert materials
  • Key topics
  • Panel discussion
  • Case-studies

Past events

International business forum MFORUM is the market-forming event and one of the main fitness industry communication platforms for the third year running.

  • 2015

    MFORUM 2015

    The events of the Mforum were held on June 24, 2015 in Moscow and June 26, 2015 in Yekaterinburg. World-class experts were invited to Russia as MForum speakers: Justin Tamsett (Australia), David Barton (USA) and Alan Leach (Ireland).

  • 2016

    MFORUM 2016

    In summer 2016 the main discussion platforms of leading fitness industry experts were Doubletree by Hilton hotel in Novosibirsk and Taleon Imperial Hotel in St. Petersburg. Keynote speakers: Rob Lewis (USA), Jasmine Kirstein (Germany), Bord Windingstad (Norway) and Adrian Fernham (Great Britain).

  • 2017

    МФорум 2017

    По традиции МФорум проходит в двух городах и в 2017 году мероприятие пройдет 28 июня в Алма-Аты и 30 июня в Москве!

The “MForum” conference is the place of meeteng for hundreds of professionals and people who sincerely love what they are doing. People who want and are ready to share their knowledge, their experience, skills, ideas. The conference which took place in June 2016 in St. Petersburg gave me new ideas, many pleasant encounters and useful information. Thank you and see you!

Алексей Ковалев, Alex Fitness
Alexey Kovalev
CEO, Alex Fitness

Партнер форумаPrecor Fitness

Оборудование для фитнеса PRECOR

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